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Candle Light

Hi Mariya,

this is actually much more difficult than it appears! (But my 50 lens is broken and it needs to be fixed - it gives me only 1 photo out of 10 which is OK. But I just can't take it to Canon because I really love it and can't imagine being without it even for a week or so... :D)

So... it was really dark morning... My first try. Some water stayed on a plate.


The photo before was taken in the middle of the room. I moved to the window and this one is maybe better (but the coffee is already drunk - I couldn't resist for so long :).


This would be OK - I even kind of like that I can see myself in the glass. But I find the string on the left side really distracting.


And the last one - simple and minimalistic. I have no problem with this one :)


I will try to do some more in a daylight - I like white lights more than yellow tones.

Thanks for another inspiring class!


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