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Candi Canncel

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Candiland- a Global Marketplace of Fabulous Responsibly-Sourced Jewelry

I recently moved to the Netherlands from Seattle to be with my Dutch boyfriend. Craving the freedom of working at home, for myself and drawing on my background in design, extensive travel and love of pretty things, I'm creating a one-of-a-kind collection of innovative jewelry Amercan-made in the Netherlands. In addition, the online Candiland Jewel Box will feature hand-crafted jewelry by other independant artisans from around the world.

A Designer from Australia created this gorgeous piece that I would love to carry:

I really admire Boticca for the fabulous array of beautiful things from Independant artisans around the world. This piece is so inspiring:

My site will start off small featuring designers that I already know as well as other designers I can source through my travels. I would love to be able to find wonderful pieces in far away places, stock my store while helping women in poverty-stricken areas a way to generate an income. I have always dreamed of going to Bali and am hoping to make this a dream a reality this year- perhaps I can source beautiful pieces there from small independent artisans.

My Gomighty Lists:

Week 1: My GoMighty Backstory for my Goal

Week 2: My Gomighty Story of my Brand and Target Customer

Week 3: My GoMighty Goals of Business Basics and setting up a Biz in Holland

and My GoMighty List of Expenses

Week 4: My GoMighty Story of Social Media and Marketing

I also created a Pinterest Board to keep me inspired to make this dream a reality!

My current website: Candiland

I am so inspired by this photo as I'm embarking on the journey of creating my own studio at home. If I'm going to have a business, I need a fabulous place to work!

Thank you so much Andie for such a fabulous, inspiring class! And also to everybody who took the class, offered their projects and feedback- this has been such a fun, productive process! I started this class with an idea to start a line of jewelry and my idea has evolved ten-fold. I'm so excited about all the possibilities! And I wish everyone the best of luck in making these dreams realities!


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