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Candied Nut Label

Choosing a project may be the hardest part. At first I thought I should create something for my Etsy shop business, but it didn't feel quite right. Then I thought, "When in doubt, do something for someone else." So I considered creating an image for my friend's radio program that she is trying to get off the ground. Radio and her personal style have a vintage vibe that would make a good subject. Then I saw someone else's idea for Christmas Cookie labels. Brilliant - timely and useful.

But the fact is, I just lost my mother rather unexpectedly. I hope for this class to be a pleasant diversion in my grief, but it would be nice if I could honor her in some way in the process. So I will be making a label for her candied nuts - a secret family recipe that has been handed down for generations in my family. She faithfully kept the tradition alive and made these as Christmas treats and always had some on hand for gifting.

I'm going to have to master the recipe this year, and I would like to design a beautiful label, probably something round that I could put on the top of a Mason jar. I've always been attracted to French typography, and my parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary last summer in Paris, so that will likely be an element I try to incorporate.

I'm eating almonds, but thinking of pecans...

I could spend weeks gathering inspiration, and I am collecting on on my Pinterest board. As I gather images that I like, I find that they don't all fit the vibe of what I am trying to create - too fussy, too formal, to pastel, too colorful. So I thought I better start jotting down some descriptives to help me edit my choices.


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