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Cancer Mob

he Product

Cancer Mob is a crowd-sourcing website to help small biotechnology companies raise money to fund the commercialization of their research to bring new cancer-treatment drugs to market faster

Our Goal

To recruit 1 Million members 

About Cancer Mob

Cancer Mob is a website dedicated to bringing cancer drugs and therapies to market faster. This Mob Is Going to Kill Cancer.

We believe that new and better drugs for rare, uncommon and common types of cancer will reach patients faster if we create philanthropic communities around smart companies, individuals, and scientifically-sound ideas.

There are more diseases than there are cures. There are more cancers than there are major pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies interested in or able to take them on.  Forty years after the “War on Cancer,” there have been impressive gains, but there is a lot more to be done.  There are a host of other cancers that have not benefitted from research or have been ignored because they only affect a small number of people. There are also other, more prominent cancers that can benefit from fundamentally different approaches to the existing paradigm.

Take pancreatic cancer, as an example. After forty years of the war on cancer, a majority of the patients still have a life expectancy of less than six months after diagnosis. It means that ninety-six out of one hundreds patients diagnosed with pancreatic adenocarcinoma are being handed a death sentence. Most, without a miracle, would be dead in as little as six month and at most would have five years. And yet, as of today, there are only two drugs on the market for pancreatic cancer, and they do not cure  the cancer or even significantly extend life. We can do more, and we should do more.

It is not for the lack of science that the big strides of the last forty years have not been enough. It is a lack of resources, focus, and scientifically-relevant alternatives. 

We believe that the web and technology can now change the old framework.  With the power of the Internet, we can now create a marketplace of new ideas and new types of philanthropists and cure entrepreneurs.  Our power lies in numbers and focus. Our ultimate objective is finding a CURE.

There has to be another way, and it is Cancer Mob. We are going to recruit one million Cancer Cure philanthropists and entrepreneurs.  For $20 or more per person, we believe that we can accelerate the rates at which new, novel science becomes actual, much-needed medication for patients. 

For $20 you can help cure cancer. By recruiting a friend to the cause, you can help bring a cure to someone faster. By doing both you can accelerate the cure for cancer and bring a drug to the market faster. 

Please join us, become a member today, and help us kill cancer. Membership is free. Recruiting another is a prayer. Helping to kill cancer by giving $20 is also giving life. 

This mob will kill cancer together.


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