Cancer Mob

Cancer Mob is building a crowd-sourced website to help small biotechnology companies and cell biology academics accelerate the commercialization of their research to make new drugs for critically ill patients.

 With all the advancements in cancer care and cure, there are millions of people in the US and worldwide who are still handed the news of a death sentence everyday because there simply no therapies that either extend lives or even provide a life worth living in those final months. Let me give you an example, this and every year, about 40,000 diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 95 percent of those patients will be dead in 5 years, and a majority will be dead the first six months. Cancer Mob's platform will allow these companies and academics to accelerate work on these potential cures by enlisting a community of cure entrepreneurs.


  • Crowdfunding Website-We are a crowd-sourcing website helping  small biotechnology companies and cancer biologist raise money to fund the commercialization of  research to bring new cancer-treatment drugs to market faster.


  • Pharmaceutical Company of The People, By The People for Our Friend, Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Mothers family and everyone we know


  • Relentless
  • Revolutionary
  • Determined
  • Different

Brand Communication Platform:  We Will Kill Cancer 

Our social media objective woud be to enroll 1 million cancer cure philantrophist. 



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