Cancer Mob

Cancer Mob - student project

Cancer Mob is an innovative website dedicated to restoring hope to patients and their families by supporting research carried out by private biotechnology companies. Our mission is to find an alternative solution to a growing health epidemic that is stealing lives across the world.  We are recruiting forward thinkers known as “cure entrepreneurs” to recruit volunteers and other “curepreneurs” to support help bring new drugs to the bedside faster.

Our motto is “Curing Cancer $20 at a time,” and it is our belief that a cure for rare and common types of cancer will be found, by giving cancer biology academics and small biotechnology companies the critical funding for medical tools and federally mandated tests to develop new drugs that could potentially save a lives of million of people.  $20 is a start.

There are more diseases than there are cures. There are more cancers than there are major pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies interested or able to take on.  40 years after the “War On Cancer,” there have been impressive. Yet there are a host of other cancers that have not benefitted or have been ignored because of the small number of patients.  Pancreatic Cancer still has a life expectancy of less than 6 months after diagnosis for a majority of patients and over 96 of a 100 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will be dead in 5 years. 

  1. Small Biotechs and Academics do not have enough funding to prepare their research for commercialization
  1. VC, Federal, State and Local Funding, Big Pharma, and deep pocketed individuals, and now some non-profit organizations
  1. A crowdfunding platform that raises money in to support academics and startup biotechs with fundraisers to support specific objectives, milestones and timelines to reaching clinical trials and going through clinical trials if need be.
  2. Membership registration website
  3. Biotech Company and solution registration
  4. Payment system to collect and distribution system to send money to companies modules
  1. Cancer Mob is the Kickstarter for bringing crowd sourced cures to the sick.
  2. CancerMob saves the lives of Startup Biotech companies from the Valley of Death
  3. Cancer Mob turns individual into Cure Entreprenuers
  4. CancerMob is developing a crowd-sourcing website to help small biotechnology companies raise money to fund the commercialization of their research to bring new cancer-treatment drugs to market faster.
  1. Kickstarter For Biotechnology Statup
  2. SUp2C For Commercialization Of Research

Cancer Mob - image 1 - student project

  1. Unique insight into difficulties of funding a small biotech startup
  1. Startup Biotechnology Companies
  2. Technology Transfer Offices
  3. Philanthropists
  4. Patient Advocates
  5. Family members of people who have had cancer
  6. People who donate to cancer charities
  7. Big Pharma
  1. Startup Biotech
  2. Cancer Patient Advocates
  1. Funding 12 companies in Year 1
  2. Acquiring 1 million subscribers who fund at least one project
  1. Public Relations
  2. Social Media -Facebook, Twitter, Publicity Stunts

Cancer Mob - image 2 - student project

  1. Design, Development and Building Platform
  2. Marketing specifically-PR,
  3. Travel
  4. Office Staff
  5. Volunteers
  6. Internet costs
  7. Ongoing development
  1. 10-15 percent of money raised
  2. 2 percent of shares of companies (option to purchase 2 percent of company at $1 a share when company exits or partners with anyone.
  3. T-shirts, mugs, wristbands, events