Cancer Mob

Cancer Mob - student project

Rewrite based on feedback from Erica ( and I love it)
CancerMob is developing a crowd-sourcing website to help small biotechnology companies raise money to fund the commercialization of their research to bring new cancer-treatment drugs to market faster.
Good afternoon:
If there was ever a reason to commit a crime, it would now, and it would be against CANCER. My company Cancer Mob is building a crowdsourced platform to help small biotechnology companies and cell biology academics to take their research out of the laboratory and off their benches to the bedsides of patients who are critically ill. 
There are millions of people across the world who are handed the news of a death sentence everyday because there simply are no cures for them. This year, for example, nearly 40,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - 95% of those patients will die within 5 years, the majority in the first six months. Cancer Mob could be the life force to save these live.
My CEO and founder will like to share with you his insights and story that lead to the creation of our crowdsourced platform and how it would accelerate the chances of getting innovative cancer therapies to the patients who need it the most.  Would you please consider committing a crime against cancer. We would be glad to share with you how.