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Canari Frigo - Fighting food waste in Burkina Faso

Canari Frigo is a small social enterprise selling clay pot coolers (called Canari Frigos) in Ouahigouya, a small town in the North of Burkina Faso. Such a Canari Frigo allows preserving fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables in Burkina Faso decay fast because of the heat – temperatures vary between 30 and 45 °C.

The development of the product Canari Frigo in Burkina Faso was steered by a German NGO, Movement e.V. Inspired by the success of the concept in Nigeria they have been developing the clay pot cooler in Burkina Faso since 2009. In October 2013, Peter Rinker, a member of Movement formed a social enterprise around the Canari Frigo. He set up the production and formed a team of four young Burkinese guys who all work part time for Canari Frigo.

My mission will be to increase the sales of the Canari Frigo. Because of the novelty of the product in Burkina Faso, it is not well-known yet. People know clay pots as a container for filling water, not as a way to cool food. People need to see the Canari Frigo to be convinced. I will be collaborating with the team and with the local NGO ‘Movement Burkina Faso’. We will be working on this challenge during April. I’m really looking forward to it, as it will be the first time I will be co-running a social business.

More information about Canari Frigo in this article.  

The project with Canari Frigo is part of my Green Sense Tour. On this tour I'm travelling for 10 months, meeting with green changemakers and most importantly helping sustainable entrepreneurs. I’ve decided to go on this Tour to realize my mission: set up a sustainable business. By meeting with, talking to and working for green entrepreneurs, I gain precious experience for my own business. I’m conducting this Green Sense Tour with support of MakeSense, a powerful community of over 900 young change makers around the world who are passionate about helping social entrepreneurs.


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