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Canadian experiencing NYC

Hi my name is Yanik I go by @Rejalism on istagram.

As a fellow Canadian, I experienced NYC for the first time as a amateur photographer. None the less, it was amazing. I was so humbled to be around such an amazing city with so much to offer. Here are a couple shots of my work.

My first shot is a lookup of the famous Fulton Center. Iconic landmark but such an amazing building with so much detail in everything. 

As for my second shot its also incorporating symmetry and lookup. Honestly two of my favourite aspects about photography. The building just stood out to my even though I have no clue what its about its just a well detailed building. 

For my last shot, its a symmetry shot again. I like symmetry ok. This shot stood out to me because of the fact that its just a wierd layout, the walls and eveyrthing dont align perfectly but it just has an appealing aspect to it for me. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it and I would love everyones feedback! Thanks again. 

Instagram : @rejalism





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