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Julia Nicole

Watercolour + Pencil Drawing



Canadian Holiday Postcard Set


I had so much fun doing this project! Above are my final water colours once I scanned them in. I had to cut the pages because I couldn't fit the whole page on my scanning board. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my pencil drawings, I was just too excited to start painting.

I experimented with some lighter shades, darker shades and different objects - not just plants and foliage. I didn't end up using all of them but it was great to have options.


These are my files once I Vectored them. Some of them went through colour changes during the design process. But I was able to change saturation and hue in Illustrator easily for a naturally looking effect.

Below is a first incarnation of one of my cards - it went through a few evolutions:


Pattern making was pretty fun!! I was definitely challenged with the patterns and they went through multiple incarnations, but I'm pretty happy with the final result.

Here is the final set:





The colours in the image above look a bit more vibrant, I'm not sure why! They are more real to the images below - of which today I printed them, ready to send out to friends and family!



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