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Can you hack it?

Behind every successful face lies a first job. Everyone, from Ryanair's Michael O'Leary to politician, John Hume, to RTE's Charlie Bird started their professional lives somewhere. Back offices, delivery vans and newsagent shops  the length and breadth of Ireland have tales to tell of inexperience, error of judgement and youthful arrogance.  All these jobs gave today's success stories a start on the career ladder. The question is, could these success stories now do the job they first started in? In 'Can You Hack It?' that's just what they attempt to do! 

Each week we see successful politicans, DJs, sports hacks, advertising execs, writers and more, shed the trappings of their success and return to take up an apprenticeship in their first job; undertaking tasks that were once routine for them  - stocktaking and serving customers in a newsagent, chasing a story for a local  newspaper or teaching english poetry to a class of disinterested 16 year old boys. 


Every task, that once came so naturally, involves endless preparation and forward planning. Colleagues seem so young and expert and the simplest of task doesn't come easily. With years in the driving seat, it's not easy to ask for help. With a boss constantly at their shoulder waiting to hire or fire, there's more than pride at stake. 

Each candidate is filmed, using a mix of hidden cameras and crew operated cameras, and watched and judged by a panel, made up of the immediate boss in the 'first job', one of his new colleagues, a representative from his current world - perhaps the chairman of the board of his business, a stakeholder or one of his major clients and the public who will watch a selection of edited clips posted on a dedicated programme facebook page. Each will be asked to judge the candiate on a number of criteria - eg - manner when dealing with the public, ability as a self-starter etc. At the end of each programme, the candidate is judged to have hacked it or not. 


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