Can the eye see itself? | Skillshare Projects

Can the eye see itself?


cups of tea, anglophile

split pea soup, decent cook

likes to make connections


past ideas+present ideas




words as images

friends as family

family+family+friends+long-time friends

southern california girl, grew up with the smoke of wildfires, wandering the chaparral, and bodysurfing the pacific. pale and freckled, wish I had not got so many peeling sunburns. not much surviving family, learned grief early

bike rider, swimmer, mac addict, meditator, mediator, retired black-belt

no kids, devoted auntie

sucker for kitty love. will pet anything that can purr

workhorse, loves to get in harness loves to work

needs more rest these days

lucky & unlucky

calm & anxious

organized & scattered

all pretty common stuff

what is unique?

the proportions?

what is ignored?

What is left behind?



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