Thomas Chock




Can by Can

It all started so innocently last winter, just trying to raise some funds so that children could learn to raise one or two vegetable plants at home. They would learn about nurturing a live plant that would give them produce to nurture themselves and their family. 

This lead to learning about Diabetes and the epidemic of children and adults being overweight and or obese. I learned that medical terminologies were difficult to understand even with a college education. Despite decades of scientific research and hundreds of millions of dollars from foundations, the problem has not abated. 

From this grew Can by Can, a concept of helping people take small steps to change their eating habits and become more healthy with the support of a community. By engaging participants through nutrition which encompasses cooking, recipes, gardening, how to make better food choices and incorporating various forms of exercise from walking to running marathons, we can encourage them to support and root for each other. 

Through articles, videos, and creative positive reinforcements, we want to develop a brand that people will seek out because of our desire to build awareness of this issue and provide a supportive community. 


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