Can You Stop Now?

Can you stop
 Yes, now

Put your hands in your lap
   palms up
That’s it

Now close your eyes
   see your spine
 Know that the very act of looking
   changes how your spine is aligned
See it straighten


Now look
   at your breath
Notice how the moment you direct
your attention to your breath
   It deepens
Watch how when you inhale
your lungs gently float for a moment
   inside your ribcage
And your chin tips ever so slightly
   towards your chest

And when you exhale your chest
   softens and you rest
   a brief moment
Before you take your next breath

It’s okay
   only a handful of seconds have lapsed
You can continue to relax

Breathe in this focused way
   and with your eyes still closed
look at the center point
   between your two eyebrows

See a light beam straight out from this point
Feel the light being 
   generated by your breath
From you to deep into the cosmos

Feel how this beam of light connects you
   to everything

You can take this one-minute vacation
All you have to do is stop

Can you?

Will you?


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