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Can I keep it?

Hi Everyone!

I am going to use this class to try and strengthen a story idea for a children's picture book that I have been working on. It's quite a straight forward scenario but if I can make it solid then I hope to apply what I've learned to other story ideas that I have.

Here is the story broken down into the sections outlined in the instruction videos : 

Once upon a time

There was a boy called Cody. He used to pull around a cart full of toys. But he was bored of playing with all of them...


Every day

What he he dreamed of was owning a pet. Cody would ask his mum every day if he could have a pet, but she always said no. The next door neighbours were even giving away some kittens for free! But mum was a busy business woman who liked to keep the house spotless. She had enough to worry about without cleaning up after a filthy animal!


Until one day

At school a boy called George came in boasting about his new puppy, and how good it was at playing fetch. That was the last straw! Cody had to do something. He realised that he would have to get creative if he was to persuade his mum. He decided to empty all the toys out of his cart and go find his favourite animals to put in it, and bring them to mum. Surely he'd be allowed to keep one of them!


And because of this

A short time after, he went to his mum pulling his cart behind him; she was having a working lunch in the kitchen hunched over her laptop. Cody took a deep breath.
'Mum, What about letting me have...a Lion! Can I keep it?' He said expectantly.

'Of course not', mum said 'don't be ridiculous Cody! They are too hungry.'

Cody went away with a frown, but came back 2 minutes later with another animal in his cart:

'How about a Shark? Can I keep it?!'
'No Cody. They are too dangerous!'
Again he rushed off and returned with...
'An Octopus! Can I keep it?'
'No! They are too slimy.'
He gritted his teeth and made his final attempt a minute later:
'An Elephant! Can I keep it?'

'Nope, Too big!' Mum just waved him away with a sigh and continued typing.

(And because of this)

Cody felt even more gloomy. He had tried his very best but it still wasn't enough!


Until finally

Cody was about to give up, when a mouse suddenly ran into the kitchen from the garden! There was nothing mum hated more than mice in her house! She jumped up on a stool and screamed.

'For the last time you can not have a pet! Especially not a mouse!! Cody, do something, anything!!'

'But the mouse is nothing to do with me!' said Cody. But mum didn't hear him, she was shaking on the stool.

Cody thought hard for a second, then had a brainwave... He dashed out the door and returned almost instantly with the last kitten from the neighbours house. He let the kitten run into the kitchen and it swiftly chased the mouse outside.

Cody picked up the kitten with a grin and looked up hopefully at mum, who gingerly got down from the stool and was straightening her hair.

'Mum.... Can I keep it?'

'Oh ... alright then!' Said a very relieved mum with a smile on the edge of her lips.


And after that

Cody had many adventures with his brave kitten and even George from school was a little bit jealous!


You can give me feedback on anything you like.

Thanks for looking at my project!


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