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Can I Swing...My Swing?

Business Commandment: Swing Your Swing-Arnold Palmer

My father listened intently as I explained my intricate personal finance system. 2 Checking Accounts, 11 Savings accounts, 1 Credit Card, 1 Credit Karma Account, 1 Google Doc, and 1 Evernote Notebook later, he applauded my tediousness because he believed my lack of margin warranted it. Realizing that the system worked for me, he commented that it was important to “swing my swing”, a saying he picked up while indulging his golf addiction. His comment struck me as having commandment-like powers because of how easy it is for us entrepreneurial types to find someone we admire and try to do everything they do, the way they do it. Fundamentals and principles should be learned and stolen with frequency, but there isn't just one way to succeed. There is room to swing your swing.  

 - Brian Citizen

 Entrepreneur. Marketer. Someone you don’t want on the other team.



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