Can Drawing Maps Help You Decide Where to Live?

A hand-drawn map shouldn't really care how it looks. Its aesthetic should be the intersection of a real attempt at max functionality and the failures/quirks/laziness of the author.

It's sad to think that handwritten maps are a dying art because of GPS and smart phones. Or rather, they're now relegated to the world of self-conscious Art, instead of the outsider art of the  functional object, free of affect, born of necessity. 

What, then, would be the necessary hand-drawn map of today? A map seems melancholy if its not functional. 

Maps I'm looking at a lot lately are of places my family is thinking of moving to. Trying to picture where we would walk in an imagined future. It's addictive to imagine life at a bird's eye view. 

With this project I wondered, can drawing maps help me decide where to live? Will some truth about these places and how I feel them be revealed to me if I draw their contours? 



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