Campus Connect

Campus Connect is designed for university students, helping them share timetable infomation with their friends and group members. It is to facilitate catch-ups with friends, and organise group meetings with group members. 

Students enter their timetable information, and add their friends and group members. When they are free, they can look at the app, and see which of their friends are available, to hang out, grab lunc etc. They can also see the times throughout the week when all group members are available, and hance can plan group meetsings. 

I believe there is market demand for the product, and if it is executed corectly, it could be a 'must-have' app for studnets all around the globe. The beta version of the app has been released, and we just need to polish aspects of the app up, and include a facebook and phone contact intergration. We also neeed to include a wizard for first time users, that enables them to add friends and enter their timetable. 

Campus Connect - image 1 - student project Campus Connect - image 2 - student projectCampus Connect - image 3 - student project

Campus Connect - image 4 - student project