Campsiting - student project

I decided to work with an off-and-on project of mine called Campsiting.  It's  a website focused on providing reviews of various camping spots to help make decisions on where you can go explore next - kind of like a Yelp for camping.

I divided the page into 3 sections:

1. Main hero: BIG image to lure in visitors and make them want to go camp!

2. Value proposition: A description of what our site offers 

3. Relevant content: A few examples of the campgrounds and reviews that are popular in our database

I think I'm least in love with section #2 - it feels a bit boring to me. It was difficult figuring out what to put there so I put it off until the end, which resulted in putting the least amount of time into it too! :x  Hoping to improve that section a bit in further iterations.

Thanks for looking, would love to hear any feedback and suggestions!

Campsiting - image 1 - student project