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Campari — L' apertivo

I was a bit ambitious initially when choosing my ad (it was a vintage Tabasco ad, complete with a hand sketched devil and all), and quickly realized I needed to head back to the drawing board. It was important to me that I choose a product that holds a bit of my personal interest, so when I stumbled upon this Campari poster, it was a no brainer.

The below is the result of a bit of time spent working with the pen tool following the Free Form Building lesson. It's pretty obvious where I'll need to go back and touch up (the nose specifically), but it was nice to get things sketched out already and see where the final artwork will be heading. It's an easier piece for me to tackle as it's mostly rebuilding shapes, but even so there's a bit of a challenge in getting the color shifts and lines and curves to really match the original artwork.

Looking forward to how the lessons to follow will affect the progress.

Filled in the letters and worked a bit more on the sketch—the arc, with the intersecting hair spikes and color changes, so far are proving to be a real pain. Hoping there's an easy solution to these other than the pen tool...


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