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UPDATE 1: One-line description

I'm initiating in the world of Press Releases and found this course to be very useful. I'm using the example of the company I work for: DynAdmic.

DynAdmic, is a marketplace that helps media buyers purchase premium online video advertising space at cheap prices by using its own audio recognition technology to target specific audiences based on the video’s content.

UPDATE 2: News Ideas

Based on the notes:

1. Launch : we launched in 2012, but we just opened our Brazilian office.

2. Releases : We are launching 2 new languages in September. As our technology is based on audio reconginiton and analysis, this allows for targeting audiences in Spanish and German videos. (we had previsouly English, French and Portuguese)

3. Data : We have client feedbacks + expert knowledge on "why you are getting bad results with your online video campaigns"

4. Partnership : We just got Google certification worldwide, so we have access to all Google and Youtube's ad space worldwide.

5. Trending topics : We are not cookie based so we are a safe choice concerning current legal evolution on cookies privacy. Also we enable brands to be linked to sounds or music, taking the hot topic of sound branding to a whole new level.

Interesting things to cite: 

- Our technology is proprietary and has been developed by our in-house team of developers.

- We are the only company to do targeting based on audio. So far most companies just check for URL and site information and some use cookies. We are the only ones to get the context of the video itself and able to target audiences by their current interest.

- Our technology benefits all actors: it helps publishers optimize their inventory, advertisers target specific audiences and have access to cheaper premium inventory and the most important enhances customer online experience by providing ads that are aligned with their current interest.

I still don't know what the email will put forward, as there are so many different angles to it. If you can help by commenting on what seems the most interesting to you it would be of much help ^^


DynAdmic introduces cookie-less solution worldwide to save the programmatic advertising landscape.

While e-privacy and cookie laws are being discussed, DynAdmic has developed a proprietary solution to buy video advertising inventory based on audio recognition.

DynAdmic developed a proprietary audio recognition technology that allows advertisers to access programmatic ad inventories and continue to reach their audiences, with or without cookies.

Until now, advertisers relied on two main technologies to access RTB inventories efficiently:

-        cookies: to target specific audiences

-        page & site scan: to ensure brand safety and help with targeting

With the increasing concern about online privacy, third party cookies are being blocked worldwide, thus, affecting the targeting capabilities of most buyers and sellers of programmatic inventory.

Convinced of the benefits and depth of audio information, DynAdmic developed a proprietary technology that analyzes the audio track of a video and extracts keywords and context. Advertisers can target viewers’ interest by choosing from 36 categories or targeting specific keywords, the equivalent of  “Google Adwords” for videos.

DynAdmic’s proprietary technology enhances brand safety, adding a layer of protection based on the video’s content. “Our inventory is as premium as it gets,” Bruno Champion, co-founder and CTO says. “We scan the URL and site and video content to ensure a safe environment and exclude videos containing violence, obscenity, fake pre-rolls, or too amateur.

In addition to its capability to hyper target and enhanced protection, their CEO Stéphane Bonjean believes the biggest benefit will come from customer experience resulting in increased engagement. Today, online viewers complain about the lack of relevancy between the ads and what they are watching. People expect to have ads targeted to their current interest, not in something they saw two weeks ago or viewed by another user. DynAdmic real-time targeting brings real-time relevancy. 

So far DynAdmic is the only company that has decided to bet on audio targeting for video and it seems to be paying off. Clients report increased engagement at lower Cost Per Views (CPVs). They just opened their third office in Brazil, the second largest market after the US for both Facebook and Youtube.


About DynAdmic

DynAdmic, based in France, with offices in the US and Brazil, is a marketplace that allows media buyers to purchase premium online video advertising inventory through a proprietary audio recognition technology that targets specific audiences based on the video’s content.


Twitter: @dynadmic


Press: Camila Masetti, International Marketing Director

[email protected]


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