Camera Roulette

Camera Roulette - image 1 - student project

This is a photo I took on a road trip from my home town to my college.  My first time making that drive I realized that I really hate the entire state of Wyoming.  It is just boring as fuck to drive through.  So by the third time I did the drive I was just looking for any reason to not hate the place.  I found out about this place on a list of fun facts about Wyoming.  The building in the picture is entirely made of dinosaur fossils, which are apparently very common in this part of the state.  My next trip through I drove about 2 hours out of my way to see the Fossil Cabin and was dismayed that despite being listed on the register of national historic place the cabin is in complete disrepair.  I took the picture and planned on contacting someone to see what was going on with all the construction around it.  It has been about a year since I took the pic, so maybe it's time to do something with it now.