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I have been looking for a class/tutorial like this for quite a while, so thanks right off the bat Fraser. 

People have been calling me Camel for a long time so I chose to go with a camel, at least as a first attempt. 

Im not new to illustrator,  but far from great / effiecient on something like thisl, so any feed back is always greatly appreciated. 

So first my reference photo....

Bold Lines ...

I cropped it to just the face, and here are my first 3 progress images. 

By the third one, im starting to get a feel for making someof these shapes and keeing in mind the negative space. 

Color And Shading ...... 

This was the first of the shading and color. I reflected it just so I can get an idea of where im at. Shading in general across all art is just not a thing im good at. 

Still needs work ... feed back welcome. 

Tightening Up ... Some of the shadows and highlights to give shape to some of the negative space

Presentation:  Here is the final project. I added some text and other design elements to finish this out. I had a lot of fun with this and will probably do another now that I have the experience from this first one done. Please, feed back is welcome and encouraged. 

Thanks again Fraser.. This was a blast. 

Would love to see another class expanding on this. 


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