Manuel Jaen

Artist and Graphic Designer



Cambutal April Walk

Hi Dan:

I decided to base my story telling project on one of my favorites walks. Every year I try to visit the remote beaches in my country. Once there I walk and shoot photos along the way, This is a great way to exercise and discover the beauty of the details on the shore and along it. This walk was last April in the Azuero peninsula in the location of Cambutal beach.


The contrast is always in the sand, between sea and land.


Immerse in silence and calm many findings are just there waiting to be discover.

The pacific ocean in this part of the world is characterize by black sand and warm waters.



This class has been a way to discover how to resume a story in a more artistic way.

With Lightroom to enhance it and a better way of organizing my files.

Hope you like it.


Best Regards



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