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Cambell design - business card

So I've been playing around with my freelance brand identity for a little while now.

I love the periodic table of elements and how well designed it is. The story that really sticks out to me about this is actually a fantastic radio piece that 99% Invisible did on the discovery of the element Gallium.

Basically a French scientist was playing around with Zinc, trying new things with it, and he accidentally discovered Gallium. When he submitted the new element to Dmitri Mendeleev, the creator of the commonly used version of the periodic table, it complete with loads of information he had learned about the new element. Mendeleev immediately told him the french scientist to check his work as the information was off according to Mendeleev's predictions, that he had made using his periodic table. It was soon discovered that Mendeleev was right! Without ever having seen or interacted with the material, Mendeleev was able to see the properties of the new element better than the scientist who discovered it. What an amazing testament to the power of design!

So, I wanted to piggyback on that power of design by associating my brand with the honoured periodic table. I also wanted to associate with the spirit of adventure and experimentation that led the french scientist to discover gallium. It just so happens that there's an element called Cadmium with the initials Cd, which ties in nicely with Cambell design. So, I dove headfirst into the world of period table fandom with my branding.

It's gone through a few iterations, but this is the most current and seems the best to me as well. I'm not yet sold on the back of it, but I like that it sets the design up with a bold and ordered feel yet strongly implies that things don't end at the edge of the card; you're left feeling like there's more out there to discover. I'm liking the front of it a lot though.

Anyway, please fire away with any/all thoughts, criticism, and feedback!





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