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Sachie Sakai





I first started writing down some ideas to design the family crest for my family, just my mom, dad, sister and me. Then I started think of my mom's side of the family, where there is so much to go on, history, so many stories, and inside jokes. So I decided to work on that.

A little background on my family... My dad is Japanese and my mom is Mexican (from Culiacan, Sinaloa), so it's a pretty interesting mix of cultures. I only know a few things about my dad's side, and on mom's side, I know a bit too much... including most of my family, second and third cousins too.

I first did a little research of crests and my family name.



I already knew we had a crest for Camacho, as do most families. We have previously used for hats at a family reunion. The family tree from my great-grandparents was quite big since they had 15 children and each had an average of 7 children of their own, who then had from one to three children themselves (this is my generation). Now they have spouses and kids too... So you get the point, big family. 

[Still looking for the foto of my family tree]

I decided to just do a more local crest, that derives from the branches of my grandparents.

I brainstromed some ideas, and as I said I started with my own family which is Sakai, but the decided to do my mom's side, the Camachos. 


For the elements included...


Since I'm doing a local family crest, I wanted to include my grandpa and grandma's initials: M & T.

My family is from Culiacan, in the state Sinaloa, Mexico. It is famous for growing tomatos. Even the baseball team is called the "Tomatoers" (Tomateros, in spanish).

The first element is my grandma's beans... Every Christmas, we divide Christmas dinner preparations amongst the family, and since my family stays at my grandma's house, we make a huge pot of her famous "frijoles puercos", which are beans prepared with "chorizo", jalapeños and much more. This dish has to be served at Christmas or else it doesn't really feel like Christmas. And it has to be my grandma's bean, because no other beans taste as good.

There was an incident that happened when my mom and her siblings were just kids. My mom included they were 8 kids, but not all of them were born or there at this time. My grandpa had a cargo truck from his business and got out for just a few minutes, leaving my mom and a few of her sibling on the truck. My aunt and my uncle, decided to play that they were driving, one thing led to the other, the took the brake off and the truck started moving. My mom got out and run to tell my grandpa, but when they turned to the truck, they saw it dive right into the canal and the end of the block. This story is famous among my cousins and everytime it's told we always laugh.

Finally, I included a bit of history by taking the water pattern from the original Camacho crest.


This background photo is actually my family's country house where we always have barbecues, parties, "posadas", or just spend a Saturday. 


The color verison I decided to make it colorful, because my family is a way too cheerful, and we take things as the are.



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