Cal's Corgis

Cal's Corgis - student project

About 6 months ago I started looking to adopt a corgi puppy from a breeder. I searched websites like petfinder and found that most breeders have a horrible web presence (or none at all). Basic adoption knowledge is often never easily accessible and I decided that as a personal project I wanted to design a website for a fictional corgi breeder. 

I designed the wireframes in a different skillshare class, which you can see here 

I decided to work on some icons that would be a part of the UI/web design. It's still a very rough concept, but i figured I'd better post something now.

Cal's Corgis - image 1 - student project

As for style, i know in the first lesson Dominic actually said we should explore shape, but i do feel that for this website, i want to also work with texture to give it more of a rustic feel. You can see my inspiration on my pinterest.

More coming soon!