Loretta Robinson

Senior UX Designer



Cal's Corgis : Corgi Breeder site

This is a personal project of mine.

Cal's Corgis is a ficticious company (working title), for a real life problem. I recently adopted a corgi, and during the arduous search for the right breeder, I was dismayed to find that very few breeders have decent websites (and some have none at all). The hunt for basic information like "how much do your puppies cost?, When can I pick them up? what's included in the cost? etc." were all difficult to find answers to without contacting the breeder directly. From a User Experience perspective, it was unnacceptable. I then realized that I wanted to design a website for my breeder or any breeder that would accomplish these goals:

  • Establish brand/breeder trust through displaying the breeders "experience/credentials" as well as visual examples of their dogs.
  • provide easy access to commonly asked questions and simplify the application process through an online form.
  • enrich the user experience to keep viewers coming back to the site by updating puppy galleries.
  • create a community where dog owners can share the progress of their pets by sending in pics to be displayed on the gallery/blog?

TARGET AUDIENCE Potential dog adopters (with no experience adopting), past adopters looking to  build a relationship with their breeder, corgi lovers that just love to look at cute pictures.


(grouped and starred for importance)

  • Main Nav
  • Footer 
  • Profile photo*
  • Puppy/litter number
  • due date/born date*
  • Mother/father names*
  • coat coloring*
  • available/not available
  • supporting images
  • Description
  • Back to adoption page
  • See more like this


Adopt: filtering for a 0-8 week puppy

Detail page:

- note: photos under main profile photo are of mother and father. 

More photos : each week a new photo is taken so the owner can watch the puppy grow.

I seem to be running out of room.. all the rest of the wireframes can be seen here: 



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