Calm and Brave

I've had a life list for a while but have gotten sidetracked with....well, life! But not the exciting and evolving life that I had imagined, more like the laundry and the dishes and the more laundry life that no one jumps out of bed for.  

I've spent the last two years in grad school, a career move that my life list helped to fuel.  I'm almost finished with my MA (and looking towards a PhD) and in the mean time have added another child to our little family.  

Needless to say, between dishes and laundry and grad school and writing and children I've developed a need for calm.  But then again, dishes and laundry and children and grad school and writing can also make one feel rather mundane, and so I've also developed a need for the exciting.  

Given my own nature (I'm a bit anxious!) I'm not too sure how well calm and exciting go together, but I'm hoping that a new improved life list can help me down that path.  Here's to the pursuit of The Calm and The Brave!



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