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Zoe Allen

Self-taught illustrator/designer/hand-letterer



Calm Rabbit

Hello there!

It's a bit scary putting something up with so many wonderful contributions, so here it goes! After much experimentation with echidnas and hedgehogs and robins, I finally settled on a rabbit. A lot of the leaping rabbit photos I found were rather uninspiring, so I settled on a very simple sketch I did of a sitting rabbit.


I played around with different elements to add interest to the design, which in itself is very simple.


I think the one I like so far is bottom right - it's got enough detail to make it interesting but still a simplistic design. 

As for final colour, I have not a clue, but since it's the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, perhaps a white rabbit...and then I see the flaw in my plan - his tail is blue!!! Never mind try an oatmeal bunny instead - a calming colour for a calm rabbit of calm. Please let me know if you have any colour suggestions or ideas to improve my design, I'm all ears!



Urgh shading. I'll have to play with that later. Suggestions?


Finally showed this to my Dad and he said the first thing he thought of when he saw this was the Playboy bunny - WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE???? Anyway so I've gone about fixing it, altering the sharp points on the head to soft curves, separating the ears a little and I've flipped it around for good measure. Actually I think I much prefer it this way, it looks more like the rabbit is looking over it's shoulder now.

I also tried it without the tail and I don't feel it's a strong without it. It also then allows it to be interpreted ambiguously, as if it is leaning back on its front paws sticking out a potbelly. With the cut-out tail, the rabbit obviously has its back to the viewer, and is looking over his shoulder.



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