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Calm & Moody Afternoon

Wow! This class and project was so inspiring!!!! I had an hour lunch break and managed to watch the class and complete the project in that time. I used the only window in my dorm room as my source of natural light. It was overcast so it worked out pretty good. I decided to use the words calm and moody to describe my portraits. This as a bit out of my comfort zone as I tend to gravitate towards lighter photographs. However, I really liked how these turned out.

The first one I shot was the shot of my head. My head is cut out due to the fact that I don't have a tripod and used a plant to hold up my phone. =) However, I think it adds to the story and feel of the image.

The next photo I shot was from above. I used the plants on the window sill and my quilt to continue the story and setting and created more of a detailed/enviroment shot with this photo.

Lastly I did the two hand photo. This was the trickets as I had to guess how my photo was cropped becaues I had to readjust the phone everytime I set the self timer. While I orginally didn't like how my sweater was infocus and not my book I thought it complemented the other photos in a series better as the first photo is centered around the book.

Overall I loved the class and project! I'm definitely going to try my hand at more self portraits in the future. I love the idea of headless self portraits with the emphsis on the photograph as a story not just a 'selfie'. 


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