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Calling Card/Visiting Card

EDIT: I decided to focus on the card which had the the text at the bottom. I aligned the words better. And I added 3 strokes in hopes of filling up more space and pushing the flow of the card to move towards the right.


Since I really don't have a business that I would like to attach to a business card I just decided to make a personal card. These were originally known as visiting cards or calling cards. Which basically just had your name and whatever information you wanted to give. Also they usually displayed a little something about yourself.

Since this was only the first project and I was only dealing with basic alignment, text and all that I just decided to focus on 3 things I enjoy...Media in pretty much all its forms, fitness and style (specifically men's style)

I know the original assignment was to go for 4 designs but with such a lack of information on the card I really only wanted to create two.

Also since I live in Japan I used the Japanese standard for business cards which is slightly bigger than the US standard (although these two pictures below aren't to scale at all)2822513e


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