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Tess Donohoe

Tess Donohoe --- Design & Illustration





Day 2 of drawing words and the alphabet.


Playing around with some words and working on my alphabet.


End of day paper pile.


Practicing my capital letters.


Here's my first attempt at writing the alphabet from the templates. Had a lot of fun getting started with practicing this. Ended up drawing on half of the paper and then while waiting for the ink to dry and would turn around the paper and draw on the other end. So that's why half of the page is upside down. 

I was using the Nikko G nib for most of the things I practiced today.


Here's some of the pages where I played around with practicing my thick and thins.


I have never done calligraphy before so I was very excited to get started on this class. I've spend a day watching the videos and getting started with the first exercises.

Here's my very page trying out the different nibs and the ink. I got the guideline paper so I tried it out. I liked it in the beginning but I preferred writing on the layout bond so I ended up having a sheet of the guideline paper under my layout bond. That worked pretty well as a guideline but it didn't feel to rigid.

At first the ink was bleeding a lot as you can see but towards the end it got a bit better. I found that with some of the nibs the ink would bleed a lot of the guideline paper. 


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