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Calligraphy v. 2.0

This was my first attempt at pointed pen calligraphy. In high school and college I used only italic nibs--- I was missing out on so much! 

I decided to dive in and get all the nibs suggested which was not a huge investment. The company Molly mentions in the supply list was fast and everything came packaged very nicely. 

I started by following Molly's lessons and practiced basic figures and learned to get a feel for the pressure needed to alter the line. I thought this was super meditative... I could make the sideways "s" forever...

I did a lot of tracing to get the feel for the movement of the nib. Tracing was very helpful and gave me confidence in my ability to develop and alphabet. It also kept me going because I felt I was creating something beautiful. 

I then ventured out on my own and got a little discouraged. I was having trouble finding a style that didn't look like chicken scratch to me. 

To help, I wrote what I wanted in my natural cursive hand with a pencil and then went back over with a calligraphy pens. This helped me get back my confidence and enabled me to do calligraphy over my natural handwriting. 

March 9, 2014

I'm still nervous to do it in ink without first writing it in pencil, but this was a fun exercise in playing with different ideas for letters. Also a nice reminder to give thanks and thank people during th day! 

March 10, 2014

First time with the oblique holder. I don't get it. What are the advantages? Is it just more proper? Cooler looking? Either way it works, but I felt like I was holding my pen too straight up and down.  


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