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Maria Agra

Graphic designer



Calligraphy practice

I've been learning calligraphy on my own for a few months, but there are no calligraphy classes in my area, so when I saw this class on Skillshare I jumped at the chance, plus I'm a big fan of Molly's work!

These are my first attempts at lesson 1:

I tried to use the Nikko G nib but it was a bit too stiff for me so I decided to try the Brause 66EF, which is a bit more flexible.

Lowercase alphabet practice:

And some lowercase practice with joined letters:

This week, I reconciled with the Nikko G, it seems I was having flow problems because of the ink, and I started experimenting with letter connections and came up with this "airy" alphabet: 

Then I tried an upright alphabet:

And some flourishes, which I really enjoyed doing:

Plus some capitals!

And finally wrote some quotes combining it all:

Overall, I would say that the Nikko G is easier to control, but with the Brause 66EF you get thicker lines, so I'm really torn between the two, but I'm having a great time deciding!  


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