Calligraphy heart tattoo

Calligraphy heart tattoo - student project

Hi Alice!

First of all, I want to thank you for your calligraphy classes. I am a beginner and I found them very interesting, inspiring, and very easy to follow. English is not my mother language, but I was able to understand every word because you speak very clearly. Plus, I really enjoyed the exercises, they are very relaxing.

What I'm presenting here is a calligraphy heart tattoo project.

At first I really struggled because a lack of inspiration for my tattoo :(
I started working on it about one month ago. I tried with the various approaches you suggested, but nothing good seemed to come to me.

I felt somehow stuck, so I decided to move on and take your classes number 2 and 3, the pen manipulation class and the gentle gothic class, because I didn't want to stop practicing calligraphy, and I thought inspiration would come when I didn't expect... And it was so.

St. Valentine's day was approaching, I thought it would be nice to work on a calligraphy valentine card, and for some reason I thought a calligraphy heart could also translate in a tattoo project.

I included things that I learned in class 1, 2, and 3: some basic strokes, some curves and pen manipulation, and the word "Love".

I used the 3.8 Parallel Pen and Winsor & Newton black calligraphy ink for fountain and dip pens. I used a syringe to load an empty cartridge provided with the Parallel Pen. The ink that comes with the Parallel Pen  bleeded on the paper I was using... and it's more expensive! I'll save it for more refined projects.

This is the final result:

Calligraphy heart tattoo - image 1 - student project


I'm not 100% happy with this, I had many issues with consistency and spacing, and sometimes I really didn't know how to fill some blanks, so I kinda improvised. But I especially like it seems like a lace doily.

And this is the mock up of the tattoo:

Calligraphy heart tattoo - image 2 - student project

Thank you again and happy St. Valentine's Day!