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Stephanie K

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Calligraphy for Real

I've always been a "doodler". Lately, many people have been telling me "Your calligraphy is so great!" And my response is "No, it's not calligraphy, it's just doodling."

So this is my effort to go from "just doodling" to "great calligraphy". 

Let's hope it works! 


Playing around the last few days, getting a feel for the pen + ink. This teal envelope was perfection to write on. So smooth! 

One week in of practicing. Each day I do two full alphabets letter by letter, and a quote. I'm trying to learn the letters and keep things simple before I get to the flowy, breezy, fun stuff.

I've been doing one quote a day for the last 15ish days. I can definitely see a difference / improvement when I do a little bit each day. It's still al ittle rough starting up, but once I get into the groove it kind of comes easily! Is that a bad thing? Should this be way harder? Or am I just getting better?


I took a few weeks off from practicing and I'm happy to find that it came back to me no problem when I picked it up again yesterday. 

I still don't have "that" look, you know, the long, thin, flowy look we all love. And I don'tknow if I'm going to be OK with that, or if I'm going to change up how I do things until I have that "look". What would you do? 

Here's a recent piece. 


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