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Thank you so much for all your expert help!  The class has been fantastic and I am finding it very informative.  You are prompting me to think about things that I never really considered until now, and quite honestly, bringing me out of my comfort zone a bit!  Just what I need!  One immediate need I have is to update and vectorize an improved logo.  I came up with this logo in 2012 when I was still toying with the idea of a "side hussle".  I calligraphed it on paper... my cover photo is the first iteration that I liked and "approved" for my logo.  Since then, my skills in calligraphy have dramatically improved, and because I want to evolve into a legitimate, professional business, I believe the logo needs refining.  I am learning how to photoshop and digitize my artwork, so the first thing I will do is polish and fine tune the logo.  So since I am doing that, now is the time to improve the overall look of it for my brand. Please take a look:


Do you feel that the flourishing is too much?  Too dramatic?  Distracting?  I do somewhat, but not necessarily.  I like the idea of a clean, polished logo, but I'd also like to incorporate some flourishing because that's what a lot of people love about calligraphy.  Is the logo balanced (?) well?  I don't even know what questions to ask about it, really, so any feedback would be much appreciated.  

Thanks so much!!!

"The 4 deliverables will be completed in this course. By the end of this course you will have:

  • A visual moodboard defining your target customer
  • A brand name
  • A brand mission statement
  • Brief for your logo design / visual branding"

My Mind Dump:

Who I am:  artist, calligrapher, letterer, reader, writer, outdoorsy, beachy, gardener, daughter, wife, sister, painter, cat-mom, dog-mom, athlete

What I do/sell:  calligraphy, wedding, rustic, lettering, history, beauty, museum, art, love, life, nature

Where:  online, etsy, website, email, face-to-face, consultations, art centers

How:  social media, expos, word-of-mouth, magazines, blogs, classes, ads, the knot, wedding wire, social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest


Deliverable #1 - My MOOD Board:


Deliverable #2 - Brand name:   My brand name is Calligraphy by Kristen

Deliverable #3 - Mission statement:  Stunningly designed calligraphy and hand-lettering that will add beauty and excitement to your special occasion.  

To be continued.....

Thanks, Everyone!!!!


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