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Calligraphy Logo Design - Ambrosia Cafe & Bakery

I was super excited to start this project, as digitizing my sketches has always been a challenge for me. Felt like I learned so much from Molly's first-hand instruction and am really happy with how this logo turned out! Still have a long way to go and am excited to continue practicing these new techniques. 

My sister-in-law approached me for a logo as she's currently re-branding her local cafe and bakery with a new name and wanted a whole new look for both the branding and packaging. I was eager to do something calligraphic to capture the whimsical nature of her aesthetic - she does lots of cupcakes and fun pastries, along with a full menu. At the same time, I wanted to keep the logo itself rather simple so it could live in lots of different iterations. 

Pencil sketch: 

Inked drawing on tracing paper: 

For the packaging, she wanted to do something with mint. We tried black and white stripes with mint incorporated into the logo but it ended up looking more "French Boudoir" and less cafe & bakery. ;) So we settled on the mint stripes and simple black and white logo. 

I obsessed over cleaning up the lines in the lettering and went back to Photoshop a million times after vectorizing to keep perfecting it. Again, still feel like I have a lot to learn, but really feel like I gained some very valuable tools from this class and am super grateful. 

Final logo: 

Any and all feedback welcome! 


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