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Calligraphy + Lettering Logo

Thanks for a great class, Matt (: You mentioned it on Instagram and I signed up about a half second later.

I've been drawing letters for a very long time while I raising a bunch of kids (still am) and doing a little freelance graphic design (still am). About a year ago, I found brush lettering, Copperplate and other pointed pen styles. And then I learned that people love hand lettering and that there's a market for it. Wow. Definately the direction I want to take my design, and I'm obsessed.

I've taken classes but have never actually completed a project. (It feels like cheating, not getting it perfect in a few strokes and needing Illustrator/Photoshop to fix stuff. Not saying it is.) This one felt pretty important. I need a logo. Here are a few later sketches; I regret not saving the whole ream because it's changed so much. Does anyone else feel a little self-obsessed after writing their name a million times??


I chose a few pieces that I liked and went to scanning:


You can see the influences of pointed pen in the swashes, but it felt too delicate and needed beefing up a bit. I wanted to play on the symmetry of the L and Y and of the A and S. So I came up with beefier swashes for the YL and kept the AS lighter. The e at the end looked like crap, so I printed it without the e and drew it in with a pencil, making other notations as well.


Now the abrupt transition of the L into the W looked pretty goofy, so I smoothed that out.


Whoa! I thought I was keeping my handles to a minimum. Totally not happening but a good learning experience. I was (and am) unsure how the bottom curved parts and the ascenders' curves should look: smooth or blocky? When I wrote with my brush pen, the first word was more blocky and the second one, smoother. How does one aim for consistency while avoiding a font-ish look? I don't know the answer.


Anyway, this is what I ended up with. The boxes are business-card sized; I always check that and print stuff different sizes just to make sure it looks good. For the purpose of this class, I'm not posting any color versions or textured stuff (endless options of course!!) I want a logo that's strong in its simplest form.

One more thing: The baseline of Amy is higher than the that of Louise to help with flow.

It feels a little crowded, and there are other things bugging me that I can't pinpoint. I think I will be able to see them in a few days after my brain has had a break. 

Thanks for looking! I would love input from everyone.


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