Calligraphy Essentials Assignment: Writing My Name

Calligraphy Essentials Assignment: Writing My Name - student project

This is my work to fulfil the assignment proposed for this class. It's my actual name (a composite name in Spanish, my mother tongue). It's also my first attempt at flourishing so I think it didn't come out that bad after all, especially, considering I'm left-handed. I just tried to keep it simple and balanced.

The class has been very interesting and the choice of the tool (Pilot Parallel Pen, 3.8 mm) though odd in the beginning (it's not very flexible and it's not tailored for lefties) has been a lot of fun. Also, Seb's approach to the Italic Hand surprised me from the start but then, practicing his style has improved my consistency at writing the individual letters. Of course, I still need to practice a ton more but I can foresee improvement :-P 

Rhodia paper is quite nice to use but the ink tends to dry very slowly on that paper, which makes writing long pieces (and especially, flourishing) quite challenging.