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Calligraphy Christmas Carols

Making progress! Here are a few Christmas carols that I've been listening to lately. Happy holidays!

Finally starting to feel like I'm coming into a style of my own. I love having a floating bass line. Next project, I think I'll sketch first, since it took quite a few tries in ink to get this looking the way I envisioned.

This one's for the Goache Challenge. I used the same quote using white paint. Really enjoyed this technique and I can't wait to try out more colors. The goache flows so well. But I think it also helps to have nice thick paper, as opposed to my thin sheet practice pad. 

Stars, or no stars? 

For the quote above, I was experimenting with a smaller font and letters closer together. Not many flourishes here, but sometimes I think that simple is better. Either that, or I'm just not confident enough in my ability to make them!

My favorite nib is the Gillot 303. The others feel a bit too stiff for me.

I'm late to the game, but I'm loving this little class so much! Thank you Molly!

Here is my first real piece, lyrics to The Rainbow Connection. Obviously, I have a long way to go, but I'm happy with my progress so far. This is my first calligraphy experience ever, so right now, I'm just focusing on controlling the weight of the lines and spacing.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!  xo


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