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Calligraphy Basics for Beginners

Class Description:

Calligraphy is more than 'lovely penmanship' or 'elaborate lettering procedures.

Calligraphy is the craft of shaping lovely images by hand and masterminding them well.

It's an arrangement of aptitudes and systems for situating and writing words so they demonstrate uprightness, amicability, some kind of parenting, musicality and imaginative flame.


Calligraphy is utilized even as a part of the present day for adding aesthetic touches to book outlines, logo plans, signs, and so forth. Calligraphy has an incredible commitment in the improvement of the cutting edge composing style, in typeface outlines, and so forth. It is utilized for some common sense purposes, for example, composing endorsements, wedding cards, and for religious purposes.


Class Project :

Share your calligraphy learning experience and tell us how has been your learning experience with writing calligraphy. Please post you queries to receive suggestions and discussion on a particular calligraphy topic.

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