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One last post before the challenge is over. Chalk board drawing for Thanksgiving dinner! Happy Thanksgiving All!


More progress on Wedding sketches



Ok, so i havent been practicing like i should have been but here are some updated pieces/sketches i worked on. I have been using a brush pen lately as well and so some of the strokes/letters might seem a little "faster" i.e. not really taking the pen off the paper. I think it gives it more of a handwritten feel. Let me kno what you think!

Tri fold engagement card I made for a friend of mine.

Cover B & L ( Brian & Liz)

Inside read : to a life time of Love, Laughter & Happiness. (excuse the language at the bottom..) :]

What up Yeezus!

Blood on the leaves. Accidental splash looks kinda nice.

Henry & Jillian. Wedding invite sketch

Game got real

me and my homies

Messing around with lyrics... not so much calligraphy but a little compostion using abrush pen

Lovely Today: sketch and composition w photo

Here are my sketches from the 1st night.

DAY 2: So i tried to space out my letters a little more so they arent so tight. Let me know what you think! 

I wanted to work on the B so here are some variations. 

Got a little carried away with some phrases/lyrics. 


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