Calligraphando • creative calligraphy for unique events



This is my attempt to start up my own creative company while still earning my income with a "standard" emoployee job. I've given myself a three-years period to make things correctly.

Business model

My business model is to have a company designing and making great calligraphy stationery for events such as weddings, birthdays and similar. Giving my customers the pleasure to have a uniquely designed and handmade stationery will be the main goal of the company, my works will have to transmit the feeling that they {customers} are buying something that make that moment really special.

In the future I'd like to launch my workshops project for everyday creative calligraphy.

Maybe also designing logos for wine lables, book titles, events branding.


  • Variety of high quality working tools such as paper sheets, envelopes, inks in different colors, nibs etc
  • A place to teach my workshops in the future

Human Resources

  • Me
  • In the future, maybe a graphic designer to digitalize and elaborate my works


Brides, mamas, brides mothers, women aged 20 to 50 who want to make their parties / events elegant and unique.

A niche-market may be that of men who want to have unique calligraphed wishing cards for their girlfriends/wives/children.

Hard part

Building a word-of-mouth chain between friends and friends of friends who may become customers.


Unique part

My calligraphy, my creativity.


Further and continuous education on me to provide always better calligraphy. Promoting my services online through socials and attending wedding planners events or similar events.


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