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Mariano Gutierrez-Xavier

Product, UX, UI



Calles de Montevideo

Hi I'm Mariano!

I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay and I'm learning photography while enjoying my hobby. I did take some classes in the past though.

I loved this project although I could have gotten to better results, but pictures are taken with an iPhone 6.

Hope you like it, and hope you can critizise and make suggestions to my work.


Instagram: heynano

1. Street Portrait - Saw this girl walking with a big fan and had to take pictures of her. It was funny that when she found out what I was doing, she was scared and then she posed for me :) This picture is from when I scared her.

2. Look up - Old buildings are common around where I work, this once was a warehouse.

3. Motion blur - This street is lovely and it is used as a cicle trail.

3. Night photography - I find night photography very difficult, because of the lack of light of course. This is a plaza near a friend's house where each season they put different illuminated sculptures.


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