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Cornelius Richards




Call A Cab

Hello everyone,

My name is Cornelius Richards, creativeblackguy

I enjoyed this class a lot. So for my project I set foot in the heart of downtown Atlanta since I'm starting to develop a love for street photography I decieded to do my project assignement around that. I took this picture right beside the Wells Fargo on peachtree. I had been trying to achieve a shot with motion blur in it all day the day before and I did not get anything I liked. So i decied to go out and shoot again when I got off work, what do you know the first shot I took i nailed what I was looking for.



after looking the raw imagine I decieded to play around with my exposure to get my lighting right. Then I proceeded to figure out how I wanted the look of my photo to be. I knew I wanted the taxi to pop so I focused on colours that would make it stand out in the photo. 



When I got to this phase I knew I had the colors I wanted. I wanted my greys to have a little kick to them but not to much to take away from the taxi. I also wanted my subject the guy on his phone to pop to but without taking to much attention from the taxi. 



For the final imagie, I turned down my vibrance and played with the hues of my yellows until I got the look I was going for. I wanted all my colors to stand out but I wanted the yellow cab to really pop out at yout but I also did not want it to take to much attention away from my subject. 

I would like to say thank you guys for taking out time in your day to view my assigement. I have really enjoyed this class and thank you Gotham for sharing your tips. If you guys would like to check out more of my work be sure to checkout my instagram! 


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