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California Native Flowers for Attracting Bees

Update: 6/18/13 FINISHED!

I completed the series of flower icons, and also created a little masthead/title design in the same style as the icons. I'm hoping to set up a webpage with the icons and information about each flower, but that will have to wait until I have the free time for the research!

Update: 6/10/13

I've started working on the vector graphics of the flowers. I still haven't chosen which badge shape I want to use, but I'm hoping that the shapes of the flowers will help decide which badge shape will work best.

The first three flowers are Poppy, Aster, and Sage.

I'm also trying out a more geometric and less organic look for the flowers, but I'm not sure if they will be distinguishable as the specific flower types...

And further progress on the icons! I decided on a badge design, which ended up being a combination of the designs in the sketches. I also decided to go with the more geometric style of rendering the flowers, I felt it meshed better with the badge. I may change the typeface on the badges, for now Helvetica is a placeholder.

Four down, eight flowers to go!

Update: 6/11/13

The next set of four flowers...

Project Theme:

Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem, and you can help them thrive by planting the flowers they love. I'm designing a set of icons to represent a selection of native California flowering plants  that are favorites of the local bee populations.

The icons would be used on a website, pamphlet, poster, etc to inform local landscapers and gardeners about planting a garden that is beautiful as well as beneficial.

Inspiration and Research:

I started out by researching and making a list of common California flowers that are polinated by bees. I then narrowed my list down to the 12 that I thought would translate best into a simple graphic. 

My illustration style is heavily influenced by Art Nouveau - to the point that it's part of my 'brand' - so I want to create icons that have a similar visual feel, but without being direct reproductions of the style. I also selected a piece by Mucha as my inspiration for my color palette.


My initial sketches are ideas for the badge shapes, and ways to incorporate the different elements I want each icon to have: the flower, a honeycomb shape, and label with the flower's common name.

My next step is to decide which badge shape to use, and refine the design!

Feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated! :)


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