Caliconut - student project

I hadn't played with the warp and effects in illustrator that much so this was a fun challenge! I was familiar with the pathfinder and shape tools so this "calixonut" is made of a lot of divided circles. I used the zig zag tool to make the tail and the wave on the bottom of the icing shape and the warp tools the squares to make them adhere to the donut shape a little more. I think I am going to go over to Hayden's texture class and see if I can amp this up a little more.

Caliconut - image 1 - student project

Here was my initial doodle, I was surprised with the amount of integrity I was able to keep without just using the pen tool to trace it:

Caliconut - image 2 - student project

Taylor Ackerman
Studio Looong | Illustrator and Designer