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Cali Gold School for Girls

I was a background singer for the RZA when the producing bug first bit me. After his last tour I was fornutate enough to find myself working with him on a few projects as a session singer including Afro Samurai and the soundtrack for the film Repo Men. Although no one really knew it when I wasn't singing I was silently observing, listening, watching and learning.

I never imagined the art of recording and engineering becoming the focal point of my creativity but it has done just that.  Over time I acquired the skills and basic equipment  necessary to produce digitally and the rest is the rest.  I have learned so much about myself through out this process and have now done things I literally never thought I could do. I built a studio, alone. Best of all I gave myself the room to be constantly creating as I was surely  made to do. 

This class and project caused me to take a serious look at my work environment and make profound changes to not only my physical space but my mental space as well. I challenged myself to take the DIY plunge and after building my own sound panels, trying my hand at bass traps and setting up a proper vocal booth I felt like I was finally at home in my studio. 

Visual Art has always been a hobby of mine so I decided to turn the swag up on my treatment after reading this article...

I did my research to make sure I wasnt just hanging cute stuff on the walls. I found this article helpful in keeping that in check

I used pink fiberglass, owens foam and some "fauxerelex" studio foam I ordered on amazon. ;)

My set up is pretty basic. Most of the time I use a mac mini running PreSonus Studio One and Logic Pro X with a Focusrite Scarlette interface, I switch up midi keys and my akai mpc element according to my mood. I use an AKG P220 on rap vocals and an MXL V67 on anything else. 

I hope  my journey (  inspires others, particularly women and girls interested in sound careers. 


Video of My Little Studio and Xtras :)









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